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April 5, 2016

Welcome! My name is Shannon Muir, and I am known both for my writing as well as site administrator for the book focused sites THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF and INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS. This site deals with my own personal writing endeavors. I'm best known for writing New Pulp and Genre Fiction, with an emphasis on action/adventure, crime and mystery. Find out more about me by using the navigation bar above or read some quick highlights below.


The Dame Did It cover

From the publisher's description:

A death rattle echoes down a shadowy alley….  Guns blaze like exploding suns in the dead of night… 
And make no mistake about who’s responsible…. The Dame Did It! 

Pro Se Productions presents a collection of new stories wrapped in the shadows of Noir and definitely Hard Boiled with a feminine touch. Authors Joel Jenkins, Christofer Nigro, Shannon Muir, and Percival Constantine deliver two-fisted, gun shooting hard core action in these blood-soaked pages, and each tale revolves around a woman. A heroine desperate to save the day, a villainess hungry to destroy, or someone trapped in the middle. All and
more will be found in The Dame Did It! 

Includes my story, "Tragic Like a Torch Song".

Available now for Kindle, Smashwords, and in print.

Shannon Muir at Long Beach Comic Expo

NEWSHOUNDS - featuring my story "Pretty as a Picture" - is now available as an audiobook! Get it now at Amazon and Audible.


Thanks to all those who joined Kevin Paul Shaw Broden and I as we spoke about our "Adventures in New Pulp" on Sunday, February 21st, 2016 at the LONG BEACH COMIC EXPO in the Danger Room, S1, from 1 to 2 PM. We talked about how we got from working in comics and animation to New Pulp, but really went more into defining what New Pulp is all about, and also its ties to the popular super and action heroes of today. Our small but very interested crowd really got involved in the conversation, and I'll take quality over quantity any day. Thanks again to the Long Beach Comic Expo for accepting our programming pitch!


You can check the past appearances page to find out what you might have missed.


Check out my latest interview with Lisa M. Collins! You can check the past interviews page to find out what you might have missed.


I maintain a variety of specialized Tumblr sites that focus on my interests. You can also read my Tumblr sites at for New Pulp and Genre Fiction reflections, animation related thoughts at Animated Insights, or Muirwords by Shannon Muir for other fiction blogging. Frequency varies as to what areas have activity at any given time.



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