Self-Published Works: The Willowbrook Saga



The roots are laid for generations of a twisted tale influenced by Country and Rural Noir, shrouded in mystery, intrigue, and manipulation in this first collection of books from THE WILLOWBROOK SAGA… more rural country noir and intrigue than mystery, it still may appeal to mystery readers.

THE WILLOWBROOK SAGA follows generations of intrigue, mystery, and exploitation. Willowbrook, Washington, was a small community influenced by the arrival of outsiders looking to live a different lifestyle. Over the decades, they took their ways further and further underground while constructing an economy that allowed them to hide in plain sight. Follow the women influenced by the cultural of this fictional small town from pioneer days in the rural Inland Northwest, down to World War II through the 1960s and 1970s and starting to come to a head in the 1990s, as the women raised to live this way fight for change any way they can, especially once a genealogy essay assigned by their English teacher Esther Rawlins starts to crack open hidden mysteries. This book brings together the previously published BY THE WILLOW BROOK, BEYOND THE WILLOW BROOK, EVERYTHING CHANGES, and DOWN TO THE ROOTS (2012-2015) into a single collection, plus several Willowbrook short stories only previously available in anthologies – “Blurring Lines,” “Built to Be,” “Call to Family, “Enough is Enough,” “New Beginnings,” and “The Lazy D”. This 3.99 USD compilation eBook now available at Amazon, NOOK,iBookstore, and Smashwords with more retailers to come.


For more on titles like this, visit the Tumblr sites for The Willowbrook Saga or the upcoming The Willowbrook Mysteries.