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I remember being young and waiting with anticipation every Fall here in the United States for the new batch of animated series to come out on the networks. The whole event was a very big deal, with networks competing to create the best “pre-season” Friday night show to get the ratings. That’s something I haven’t seen for many, many years now.

In today’s markets, animation is released throughout the year. Some venues like cable still offer new episodes weekly, while streaming offers the ability to see multiple episodes at once on a given date. What hype there is surrounding these episodes seems to be limited to controlled social media promotions, and in the case of cable, perhaps some heavier-than-average advertising in the coming weeks.

Yet, these new animated series (or next installments of existing series) appear to be anticipated with the same amount of enthusiasm and interest as those premiered on television several decades earlier with a different amount of effort. May viewers around the world continue to wait in anticipation of what animation may bring, not just in television or in film, but in all media.

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