ANIMATED INSIGHTS BY SHANNON MUIR takes you inside Shannon’s latest reflections on her passion for animation as a medium, and other animated insights about life. To catch up on all posts, check out the Animated Insights portion of the website! This week, Shannon settles in to what will be the new day of the week for the column, though it will continue to run on the first and third weeks. I won’t be looking at show or movie this week; my goal this time around is to welcome readers to what will be the new slot to keep up on all the latest on animation.

For a variety of reasons – including more time to write stories of my own – I’ve wanted to drop the blog back to three days a week. Thursdays were the most logical day to cut, but that meant moving this longstanding column’s location.

When the column returns the third week of this month, I’m gearing up to give my spoiler-free reflections of the complete second season of DUCKTALES.

Here’s a clip to set you up, in case you’re not up to date on the series. While it doesn’t give anything specific away, it does give insights on how the new series approaches their view of Donald Duck… and may whet your appetite to learn more.  

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