ANIMATED INSIGHTS – Holiday Time Is Here

ANIMATED INSIGHTS BY SHANNON MUIR takes you inside Shannon’s latest reflections on her passion for animation as a medium, and other animated insights about life. To catch up on all posts, check out the Animated Insights portion of the website!  I’ve seen two new holiday specials in recent days. One is the BUGS BUNNY 24-CARROT HOLIDAY SPECIAL on HBOMAX. While trying to avoid spoilers, I felt that this new special captured the heart of the classic LOONEY TUNES  characters. However, the hardest thing to get used to was the fact that Bugs has yellow gloves at all times. While I’m sure there is a production reason for this, it just proved a tad distracting. Otherwise, it completely felt just like seeing the classics again. The other special I saw was THE LEGO STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL. My husband had to explain some of the “Easter Eggs” in this one that go back to the first STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL (I lived in Japan when the Holiday Special originally aired, so only know about it by reputation), but I can definitely say it was still enjoyable on its own. Though incredibly zany and at times defying logic, great humor and excellent writing rise above to make me glad I didn’t miss this “must-watch” for me on DISNEY+ this year.

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