Welcome to the limited series return of BETWEEN THE PAGES, running Mondays and Wednesdays now through mid-December 2020! Dubbed BETWEEN THE PAGES: FINDING MY VOICE, follow Shannon’s journey as she learned and grew to become more of a public speaker, and how she’s still learning today! Today is Installment 24,  “Knowing I Need To Learn More”.

As mentioned in previous installments, I started to become aware of my shortcomings in my last set of appearances, particularly in settings that had small amounts of attendees for whatever reason. When there were more people, it became easier to feed off their energy and interest and make me less aware of the issues I still struggled with. Also, most of my work tended to be moderating to organize the speaking of others, where I spoke least of anyone.

One thing I kept hearing dropped repeatedly was mention of Toastmasters, usually in a “my parent was in Toastmasters” sort of way.

This led me to wonder if Toastmasters still existed in the 21st century, and if so, how relevant would it be for my life. What little I did know of Toastmasters seemed like it was poised for high level executives, not people like myself.

So I started doing some research on the Internet to see what Toastmasters was all about.

What did I learn? Find out in the next installment?

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