BETWEEN THE PAGES: THE STORIES WITHIN – Living Up to What I Have Been Entrusted to Do

This time, BETWEEN THE PAGES goes into my personal journey for a six-month limited run as I work with growth and change coming out of some major events in my life. This month picks up where we left off last month, on the idea of “being able to live up to what I have been entrusted to do.”

I would like to take a look at the word “entrusted” for a minute, or at least the present tense of “entrust”.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the meaning of this word – actually there are two, but one includes the word “trust” in it so it is harder to use to make the point – is “to commit to another with confidence”. The more I read it though, the less I understand this definition. For example, who is doing the committing? If someone is entrusted to to do something, is the other party committing that the person being entrusted will do something as expected? Perhaps the person who is being entrusted intends to commit to the fullest of that individual’s confidence that they can follow through. It might even be a two way street, where each person has to commit to the other with confidence.

I have honestly not thought about that before, and I am not sure I have an answer yet, but I would like to know how it plays a role in my story.


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