This time, BETWEEN THE PAGES goes into my personal journey for a six-month limited run as I work with growth and change coming out of some major events in my life. This month we talk about VOLTCON.

In 2021, I made my first trip to VOLTCON in Indianapolis, Indiana. This was before a new wave of COVID variant appeared, weeks before in fact. Given the impact that the animated series had in my life since I was a teenager, I suppose it seems like I should have appeared at the inaugural event in 2019. Honestly, that had been the plan. However, sometimes life does not go according to plan, and it would be the same for 2020 – but that held true for everyone in the world, not just myself personally.

Due to some last minute guest cancellations, and some back and forth, I ended up an as un-billed special guest alongside my friends Marc Morrell and Greg Tyler from the LET’S VOLTRON PODCAST for several panels. I really appreciated being there and made plans early in 2022 to attend this year, thinking this time I would just be watching from the sidelines.

However, as it happens, Marc Morrell has a family obligation this year so this time around it will be Greg Tyler from the LET’S VOLTRON PODCAST with special guest Shannon Muir up on stage. Marc is truly the heart and soul of the LET’S VOLTRON PODCAST so this is both a big honor and even a little bit intimidating, honestly.

I am glad to be trusted with such a big responsibility, and now I hope that nothing prevents me from showing up, and that when I do I can live up to what I have been entrusted to do.

We will see what next month brings.

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