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Today, we look at BIG CITY VILLAIN.

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Big City Villain
by Penelope Ray
Genre: YA Superheroes
Release Date: September 28th 2018


Seventeen-year-old Coal Black takes being the bad boy to a whole new level. A super level. Known as the city’s terrifying super villain, Headphones, Coal works hard to keep his bad reputation intact despite being banned from using his powers. But things soon take a drastic turn when a deadly vigilante promises to destroy his whole world and his brother.

When his secrets are threatened, how far will Coal go to keep everything from unraveling? And with betrayal around every corner, he just might not make it out alive.

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Guest Post by the Author

Typical Writing Day

A typical writing day begins with checking all the social media apps I have and getting up to date on my favorite cats. When that is done, an extensive search for new music/the right music toset the tone is undertaken. When I am satisfied with my music choice, I open up Wattpad and stare at my many unfinished works before deciding on one. Then I proceed to stare at the blank chapter and hope inspiration finds me. When I don’t have writer’s block, I can write for hours and usually forget all about the music. If you ever saw me write, I tend to act out the scenes or get offended by what some of my characters say or think. Typically, four minutes into writing, one of my cats demands my attention or I am notified of the need for food, effectively distracting me for the rest of the day.


About the Author

In her natural habitat, Penelope Ray can be found with headphones on and furiously typing away on her laptop, completely oblivious to what’s going on around her except for her attention-demanding cats. Though writing about superheroes and their crazy adventures is her current obsession, she started off as a quiet romance author, but a year ago she found Wattpad and let her imagination run wild. It hasn’t come back yet.And that’s when she discovered me, Coal Black. Her hero, her dashing prince charming, the wind in her sails, and her motivation to keep writing. Happiest in the rain and snow surrounded by cats, Penelope writes her next book while trying not to overthink her author bio or how she’s going to write the ending to the story.

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