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Today, find out more about the book FRACTURED MAGIC.

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Fractured Magic
by EmilyBybee
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 31st 2018
Wild Rose Press


As the world’s worst witch, Maddie is mistreatedby her own kind. She was born a Defect. Most of her spells blow up in her face,literally. While witches search for the long-lost power of the earth, Maddiespends her time in the science lab. There, she discovers a clue to the lostpower. The only other witness is Jax, a smokin’ hot college bad-boy, who Maddiecan’t decide if she wants to kiss or kill.

When she fails her magic final, the councilorders her magic stripped. Maddie’s only chance to keep her brain intact is tofind the power with the hope that it can fix her. Jax is her one true ally onthe journey. The two of them must use their smarts to stay ahead of the witcheswhile they follow a two-hundred-year-old trail to the power of the earth and thetruth behind Maddie’s defect.

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Guest Post by the Author

Typical Writing Day

               7:30am- back from getting little ones off to school

                              -huge mug of tea

               8:00am- check social media and try to be social- completely against my introvert nature.

               8:30am- start writing or editing

-stay as focused as possible

-maybe a few breaks to check for inspiration that might be hiding in the refrigerator-oooh look, food

-Back to working.

-Danger! Keep from going down the rabbit-hole of “research”

               11:30am- dogs bring me leashes as a not-so-subtle reminder of daily walk

-half an hour of yoga and stretching.

               1:00pm- writing sprints with a critique partner 

-sometimes adulting has to happen-usually indicated by the realization that no one has any clean clothes or that kids expect to actually eat every day

               3:00pm-pick up kids and do the mom thing with homework and making dinner.

                6:00pm- if all is right with the world and the family is settled I can get in a few more hours of writing and edits.

               9:00pm-computer if shut off so I have some face-time with hubby.

About the Author

Emily grew up loving to read and escape into stories. She began writing her own at the age of twelve. In college she focused on science and graduated with a degree in Environmental Biology. After college she began writing again but quickly realized she had failed to take a single writing or grammar class. Luckily, she’s a quick learner. Emily now lives in Colorado with her wonderful husband, three amazing children, and way too many animals. She still enjoys making up stories and can’t seem to leave out the paranormal elements because they are just too much fun.

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