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Vampires walk among us. Appraising our houses, policing our neighborhoods, crossing our borders. We understand there will be biting and an occasional conversion. These are small sacrifices for the sexy thrill. We do worry about vampires popping up in positions of power. They are evolved, difficult to slay, not as sexy. A backlash grows; but are we far too late?


Victor Thetherson is nearly cured. The treatment buries the charisma and confidence that only vampirism seems able to resurrect, and snuffs his rekindled love affair with ex-wife Barbara. Victor can’t trust himself as a vampire and doesn’t want to live with himself otherwise.


Eugene Foreman dispenses wisdom on his Sage Slayer site, offs vamps when convenient, and romances Victor and Barbara’s daughter, Amberly. His sensei, the Civil War Soldier, begs Eugene to slay Victor before he realizes his deadly inheritance.


Victor versus Eugene, round two in an ancient war. With Morbius Reborn, our time at the top of the food chain is coming to an end.




What initially got you interested in writing?


Jason: I was initially interested in Allan. He was interested in writing. So that interested me.


Allan: Jason is such a storyteller. But yes I was interested, what can I tell you. I wrote in his coffeeshop and listened to him entertain customers with reckless tales from his youth, and from his adulthood. So one day I sez to him, “Hey coffee jockey, you should write down some of those stories. In case you…you know…”


Jason: “Move?” I said. But I knew what he meant. Allan was afraid I’d find some other writer to get with.


How did you decide to make the move into becoming a published author?


Allan: The book clubs did it. First, making 12 copies of our book at Kinko’s got to be a drag.


Jason: On the bright side, it encouraged us to cut our word count. Printing War & Peace is expensive.


Allan: And then the feedback we were receiving told us we were on to something.


Jason: We have guest-hosted 10 different book clubs for our various novels. Initially, we were afraid we would only receive watered-down compliments. But it turns out book club women will tell you exactly what they think. To your face.


Allan: We were running 80:20 positive. We figured that’s about as good as it gets.


What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?


Jason: The same thing we take away from writing them. The thrill of a great story.


Allan: We’re immersed in the worlds we create. That’s one of the great things about writing together – always having someone eager to talk about the story lines and speculate which way things are going to go. Vampire Vic is our first trilogy or series and we have grooved on the opportunity to expand and explore this world.


What do you find most rewarding about writing?


Jason: Getting a ‘wow’ from Allan.


Allan: Wow, I didn’t know you felt that way.


Jason: Ah, that felt good.


Allan: Nice – are you reliving a moment?


Jason: No, you wow’d me just now.


Allan: I did? Wow. Was it something I wrote?


Jason: Nope. But you definitely make me say ‘wow’ with some of your scenes.


Allan: Well thank you. That is very rewarding.


What do you find most challenging about writing?


Jason: Time. A lot of people would love to write a novel. But making time is a killer. Allan helps me “make” time. Some role-modeling, a bit of public shame, and lots of nagging. “Alright, honey! You’ll have my chapter in the morning!”


Allan: For me? Not blowing up when Jason edits a scene I wrote. I have ’Nam-like flashbacks to English comp when I’d get my paper back with all those red marks.


Jason: Allan has led a very sheltered life. Sometimes his analogies are inappropriate, I apologize. There is nothing ’Nam-like about our writing process.


Allan: I feel like I just got my chapter back, thick with red marks. Like blood, Jason, this interview is covered in blood!


Jason: Okay I will use a blue pen from now on.


What advice would you give to people wanting to enter the field?


Jason: Get a writing partner. Honestly, it’s the only way to go.


Allan: Twice the creativity, double the output. Your own built-in focus group.


Jason: Actually you should come write with us. There is strength in numbers, my friends. The more writers we add, the less competition we face. We will become a writing monopoly, an author cartel!


Allan: Harris Gray & Co.


Is there anything else besides writing you think people would find interesting about you?


Allan: Jason owns Crowfoot Valley Coffee and the Crowbar here in Castle Rock, Colorado. The best espresso I’ve ever had, and 9 taps of delicious craft beer. It’s the ultimate home office.


Jason: Sometimes Allan treats it a little too much like home. I have to remind him not to call my baristas “sweetums” and ask for backrubs to “release the creative juices.” That’s something you should know about Allan. His wife is an absolute saint.


Allan: And Jason’s wife is the luckiest woman on the planet. He gives great backrubs.


What are the best ways to connect with you, or find out more about your work?


Jason: Come visit our website,, follow us on Twitter, @HarrisandGray, be our FB friends HarrisGrayAuthor. Check out our stories on Amazon, Send us an email, we would love to hear from you,


Allan: Invite us to host your book club. We will do the absolute best we can to make it there. And you don’t even need to have a Kinko’s in your town.


Jason: Thank you for having us, Infinite House of Books. We are grateful for the opportunity to spend some time with your fans.



Harris Gray combines the writing talents of duo Allan Harris and Jason Gray. Together, they have written three novels, two screenplays, a Christmas play and a collection of stories from Jason’s younger days. An early version of their novel Java Man was a finalist in the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers contest.  Allan is a former guest columnist for The Denver Post and Jason owns Crowfoot Valley Coffee and Crowbar, land of rumor and embellishment.

Their collaboration began in Jason’s coffee shop. Allan wrote and eavesdropped as Jason entertained his customers. One day, Allan found a little yellow notepad waiting for him, crammed to the margins with Jason’s exploits. Allan typed them, touched them up, and called it good; but Jason had other ideas. As their tales converged and became inseparable, Harris Gray emerged. While the two couldn’t be more different in how they think and write, Harris says, “There is something wonderful and incredibly cohesive when we create a story together.” In Gray’s words, “We’re something less than Sybil and more than Siamese twins.
Vampire Vic, the first installment in the darkly funny and relatable trilogy, launched in March 2013. Readers can add the follow-up, Vampire Vic2: Morbius Reborn, to their bookshelves this fall. Harris Gray also released their standalone novel Java Man in November 2013.



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