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This week features Shannon’s thoughts on what makes a character attractive.


What makes a character attractive?

By this, I’m not just meaning the physical characteristics of a character. I’m also not meaning what causes other characters in the story.

What makes characters attractive to readers?

The character doesn’t have to be ‘likeable,’ to throw around a sometimes overused (in my opinion, anyway) buzz phrase. It’s not even required that the character be a hero; more than a few anti-heroes are attractive to readers. So what seems to be the commonality?

What seems to matter is that the character be someone the readers care about. Even this seems like a real surface statement, because going back to the anti-heroes, they’re not always good people; still, readers can care about finding more about the character. That investment can only be made if writers set up interesting enough characters (please note I didn’t say complex; archetypes can be interesting too) to encourage readers to invest in them.


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