Shannon Muir to Now Appear on Seven Panels at LosCon 43!


Shannon Muir will now be on seven panels at LOSCON 43. Please come to hear her speak or meet her in person! LOSCON is run by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, the world’s oldest, continuously active science-fiction and fantasy club founded in 1934. Shannon appeared on several panels several years ago for LOSCON 36 and really looks forward to making a return appearance.

LOSCON 43 will take place November 25-27th, 2016 (Thanksgiving weekend) at the LAX Marriott.

Here are the announced panels with what are the proposed dates and times, as Shannon has most recently been informed, but bear in mind this information is subject to change. Currently, it appears most panels will be on Friday, but Shannon Muir will be in attendance for all three days and looks forward to meeting folks.

Click the headline of each section to see the full list of announced panels for each topic area:



Title: The Path to Fandom
Description: The ways in which the relationship between creator and fandom have changed due to the sudden availability of creators and community on social media and how it has affected the way media is created, consumed and distributed…
Participants: Kevin Roche, Gregg Castro, Shannon Muir

Category: Fan culture

Date, Time, and Room: FRI 13:00 Saint Louis 


Title: Reboots, Reimagining and Fandom
Description: In recent years, fan favorite properties such as STAR TREK, VOLTRON, and others have received revivals that re-envisioned the concepts to varying degrees. What are the impacts on fandom, old and new?
Participants: Shannon Muir, Daryl Frazetti, Laurie Tom, Steve Frankel, Aviya Amir

Date, Time, and Room: FRI 16:00 Boston 

Title: Social Media and Fandom
Description: What impact has the rapid explosion of social media outlets had on science fiction and fantasy fandom? Does it bring more fans together or scatter them into specialized groups? Are some forms of social media more effective than others? A diverse panel shares their thoughts and experiences.
Participants: Shannon Muir, Taliesin Jaffe, Valerie Estelle Frankel, Joyce McCarthy, Mark Oshiro

Date, Time, and Room: FRI 17:30 Boston 


Title: Science Fiction and Fantasy Podcasts
Description: Join our panelists for a discussion of the most popular Science Fiction and Fantasy Podcasts available today. Come learn and share favorites for listening to stories, reviews, advice for writers, and Science Fiction and Fantasy culture.
Participants: Shannon Muir, Laura Pearlman, S.B. Divya

Date, Time, and Room: FRI 21:00 Scottsdale 

Title: Where is my flying car?! Asks a New Generation
Description: Science fiction promised us the stars in the 21st century… well, we’re here and I don’t even own a single jetpack! What gives? In this panel, we’ll talk about all the sci-fi technology that didn’t happen and the ones that, surprisingly, did.
Participants: Victor Frost, S.B. Divya, Chris Holcomb, Shannon Muir

Date, Time, and Room: SAT 16:00 Chicago 


Title: The Evolution of Gaming: What Next?
Description: From tabletop and RPG, from console to handheld, from PBM to the MMOG, to newer trends like augmented and virtual reality, let’s discuss the rich history of gaming and where the future might go.
Participants: Shannon Muir, Taliesin Jaffe

Date, Time, and Room: SUN 14:30 Atlanta


Title: Book Blogs: Are they Shaping How We Find New Reads?
Description: Bloggers appear to be making impact with their social media influence in a variety of areas. Are they having any influence on people discovering new reads in the science fiction, fantasy, and related genres, or not? This discussion tackles the topic from a variety of angles.
Participants: Shannon Muir, Aviya Amir

Date, Time, and Room: FRI 14:30 Boston 

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