SHANNON MUIR’S ANIMATED INSIGHTS – Looking Back on Appearances on (Nearly) 10 Years of LET’S VOLTRON PODCAST

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I started my journey on the LET’S VOLTRON PODCAST in 2015, and as of their 10th Anniversary counted as their most featured guest. The podcast was audio-only until episode 200, and video since then. I have embedded many of my video appearances on this blog soon after they happened.

This post features all the podcasts I was on before the 10th anniversary one in audio form, to save you digging through the archived posts. They will be featured from newest to oldest, so you can listen to my evolution as a guest and find out about all the various things I covered over the years, or even just hear me as part of the fans.

Again, many thanks to the LET’S VOLTRON PODCAST for letting me be part of their show.

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