SHANNON MUIR’S ANIMATION4ALL – An Industry in Upheaval

SHANNON MUIR’S ANIMATION4ALL looks at the animation industry as a whole, and news about the animation industry. Watch for it the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

As offices close everywhere, it seems like animation seems to be putting the pipeline back together and get back into business. Social media shares stories of companies sending workstations to every employee, or hiring additional freelance staff to meet deadlines. This is good that people can, in fact, keep working – until their live action counterpart shows that have no chose but either completely cease production or (in the case of news and late night talk) find creative ways to adapt.

If you’d asked me that animation would have a greater chance of enduring over other related forms of media before just a couple weeks ago, it would never have crossed my mind. Now, I admire animation even more.


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