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OWN YOUR OWN TALE is an occasional special column that focuses on the power of personal expression using words to journal. In this installment, Shannon Muir discusses methods for keeping a journal.


I realized recently that when I have spoken of doing journals in the past, it always focuses on writing things down. The column even has showcased specially-designed and structured journals in past interviews.

However, a journal doesn’t need to be written down to be a journal.

Some people may feel more comfortable recording their thoughts. This happens often with the “vlog,” or “video log,” but in those cases the end product is shared with a mass audience. There really isn’t a reason someone couldn’t record a personal journal, and just not post it anywhere. In an instance like that, it’s more about server storage space than running out of pages.

The key is finding the best method that works for you if you want to try your hand at keeping a journal.

Take care of yourselves.

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