SPONTANEOUS CHOICES SHORTS features short serialized fiction by author Shannon Muir, that may be later released as part of e-book or print collections. This summer runs a special event from August 12th through the end of the month on Mondays through Thursdays called “End of Summer”. This is part 2.

Keep an eye out for a full week of ANIMATED INSIGHTS the first week of September!

Summer confronted Brittia in the locker room after gym class.   “I hear you’ve been saying things about me behind my back. Spill, Brittia!”   “Everyone can see you like Tranyon. So when people wondered what he’d ever see in you, I was more than happy to share what they wouldn’t.”


  “So you spread lies!”   Summer shoved Brittia.  


Watch it, or you’ll end up in the principal’s office,” Brittia said as she rubbed her shoulder where Summer shoved her. Summer didn’t think she’d hit her that hard.  

“Just where you deserve to be for spreading lies!”  

“It’s no lie. My mother told me. She was there the day you were abandoned.”  

Summer no longer thought clearly. She lunged at Brittia, and the next thing she remembered was being restrained by teachers and staff.  

“Off to the principal’s office with you both!”