SPONTANEOUS CHOICES SHORTS features short serialized fiction by author Shannon Muir, that may be later released as part of e-book or print collections. This summer runs a special event from August 12th through the end of the month on Mondays through Thursdays called “End of Summer”. This is part 4.

Keep an eye out for a full week of ANIMATED INSIGHTS the first week of September!

That night at dinner, Summer was determined to get answers.  

“I want to know where I came from,” Summer told her adoptive mother. 

  “Summer,” her adoptive mother emphasized with exasperation. “You have a family. You have everything you need. Why does it matter to you about what came before?”  

“I know you and Dad love me very much. But there’s stuff I still don’t understand. Why would you hide I was abandoned? There has to be more to it. I’m eighteen now. If you don’t tell me, I’ll go find out for myself.”  

“Summer,” her adoptive Dad added. “Knowing that won’t change anything.”  

“It will for me!”  

Summer ran out of the room and then to the backpack she’d carefully stowed away before dinner,  grabbing it and running. The original plan was to get what information she could and start the search the next day; in her frustration, Summer knew she couldn’t rest until she found out the truth. There had to be someone out there that could give her a lead, and might be inclined to speak now that she was of age to be told things. Clearly, Brittia’s mother knew the answer but clearly she wouldn’t tell anytime soon.   Summer needed to find someone who could.  

She started at the local market. still open in the evening. Summer knew a couple employees worked there over two decades that would have seen her family shop there weekly her whole life. She decided to start with old Mister Pratt in the Produce department. He’d lived here in town for ages. He must know something.   

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