INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS turns 5 years old in April of 2017. Due to a massive failure with the blog’s previous hosting provider, all blogs prior to February 2015 were lost. However, the administrator has the original assets on file and a calendar of  featured content. As a lead-up to the anniversary, features will be released on the fifth of each month that chronicle a period in the blog’s past and some of the highlights still worth noting today. This post is the sixth and final in the series. Enjoy!

In this period of time, both INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS and DISCOVER WORDS featured many books. The Summer of Pro Se author event, featuring authors from Pro Se Press, would dominate the summer lineup, though other authors would be featured. However, the unexpected crash of the blog that came in early 2015 meant the end for DISCOVER WORDS as an excerpt/spotlight only format, in that starting up two WordPress blogs from scratch would be prohibitive; ultimately, it changed into the current moniker for the YouTube video channel.

Here are some highlights from that time period.

July 2014: Six Guns and Spaceships (featuring an interview with contributor Philip Athans)

Available on Kindle and in print.

August 2014: Solomon’s Whisper

Still available in print and on Kindle.

September 2014: The Cottoncrest Curse

Still available in print, on Kindle, and for Audible.

October 2014: Rush of Shadows

Still available in print and on Kindle.

November 2014: Slouching Towards Camulodumum and Other Stories

This is still available in print and on Kindle.

Read the original author interview below:

December 2014: There are no surviving records of what features may have been run in December of 2014. The administrator does not recall any content that stood out as memorable. There may not have been anything.


January 2015: From Newton, Einstein, to God

This is still available in print and on Kindle.

During January 2015, upgrades to the blogs altered them in a way that made them unusable and old backups unreliable. The blogs were relaunched without trying to rebuild the older content at that time, bringing the readership to where it is today.

Join us April 5th as the celebration of FIVE years online gets underway!

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