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Last column, I mentioned I was waiting for several pieces of news following New York Comic-Con.

One came with the final panel for VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER. The final episodes will air December 14th, and a teaser trailer came out to the Internet that day as well. Expect to hear my thoughts in my final column of this year on December 20th. 2018.

Just in case you didn’t catch the trailer I mentioned, here it is:

Also unveiled was more news about the upcoming SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER, coming to Netflix November 16th. Below is the trailer for Season 1 to get you set up for it, and look for my review in a December 6, 2018 edition of the column.

The other piece of exciting news was that THE DRAGON PRINCE will see a second season on Netflix. I’d heard much of the show, but hadn’t gotten around to seeing it. The announcement after New York Comic-Con got me hooked, so I binge-watched all 9 episodes of Season 1 and I am definitely hooked! If you haven’t taken a look at THE DRAGON PRINCE yet, I recommend you do. I suspect I’ll be sharing my thoughts when the new season appears in 2019, and I’ll give my thoughts on the current season for the November 1, 2018, column!  Here’s the trailer for Season 1:

So what about the November 15, 2018 column, you wonder? That topic isn’t inspired by New York Comic-Con, so you’ll just have to wait and see!

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at many of the columns remaining for the year!

See you next time,


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