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Last week I talked about not totally being able to go home again. I wrote that (and set it up to auto publish) right before I went to go on vacation to see my family back in the town I talked about in last week’s piece.

As the plane ascended and we left to head back to where I live now, I thought of all the adventures and experiences I’ve had, set in motion by the dreams that the animated series VOLTRON sparked to life in me years earlier. In many ways, it’s not the rosy dreams I expected of being a full-time animation writer, but I did realize my dream of getting to write for animation. Along the way, I got to experience the animation industry – and the entertainment business at large – in ways I never dreamed possible.

It’s a reminder not only to let dreams spark you, but at the same time, that you shouldn’t let them limit you. Dare to dream, then see what reality they may lead you to. It could be more than you ever imagined.

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