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Tomorrow I head off with my husband Kevin for my annual trip to San Diego and Comic-Con International: San Diego – which most of us still call Comic-Con for short.

For over twenty years, I’ve had the opportunity to wear a professional badge. In the earlier years, before bigger names and companies snatched up all the rooms, you would find me appearing or moderating panels here. I admit I miss doing it, and while I’ve found other places to do that there is still something very special about Comic-Con.

Here, I still get to meet people in small groups or one-on-one that I might not see any other time or place. I impart the wisdom the years I’ve been working in the animation business, analyzing it from afar either as professional or academic, or just share my love as  a fan. I get to attend the yearly parties where all my other professional friends are, again some that only appear that once per year.

I could care less about Hall H lines, exclusive merchandise, or anything like that, I have to be honest with you.

For me, it’s in these small moments that Comic-Con’s real magic happens.

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