ANIMATED INSIGHTS BY SHANNON MUIR takes you inside Shannon’s latest reflections on her passion for animation as a medium, and other animated insights about life. To catch up on all posts, check out the Animated Insights portion of the website! This week, Shannon talks about her thoughts on the latest season of SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER. This most recent season of SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER resolved a lot of questions while opening up a whole new playing field. The mystery of Adora’s origins is revealed, as well as the full story of what happened to Mara (her predecessor as She-Ra).  Glimmer struggles with becoming a leader in her full right. New enemies are introduced that change the scope of the playing field dramatically. It makes me very eager to see what is in store next! As I’ve said previously on the blog, I am incredibly indebted to Larry DiTillio, the person who created SHE-RA in the 1980s. I believe that, for what was allowed to be done back then, he created a strong character that endured to be iconic enough to introduce to a new generation in a way they could better relate to beyond just the toy line Mattel released. I am personally pleased to see what SHE-RA has been able to become, and know that without Larry’s initial work, we would not be at this point today. If you haven’t started watching Season 4 yet (or any of the new SHE-RA), I recommend you take a look.

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