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Sunrise at Scenic Heights.

Even though I’d become a fan of VOLTRON back when we lived in a rental house in Cheney, Washington, and even made my initial contact with World Events Productions from that same address, it wasn’t until we moved to my our home on Scenic Heights that my world changed. I remember that the second season Lion episode on planet Oron aired the day we moved in to that house. It would also be the place where I would come up with my decision to reach out to Peter Keefe directly, as well as later create my fan website before moving out of my parents’ home and coming to Los Angeles in 1996.

There’s a lot of truth to the idea you can’t go home again. Yet, animation will always be home, at least in part for me. Everything began in that first and only house my family has owned, after my father retired from years of service in the US Navy, which being on a hill has always had a great view of the sunrise from the kitchen window. I think of that a lot, how the literal and figurative ideas of sunrise intertwine when looking at my life.

I’m grateful for every moment I’ve had of it.

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