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Last time, I promised you my thoughts on what we now know to be Season 1 of the animated series THE DRAGON PRINCE. At New York Comic-Con a couple weeks ago, it was announced that a Season 2 will follow in 2019.

Since there is no past history attached to this series, unlike the reboots I usually discuss on my blog, my goal is to be as spoiler-free as possible with this series to encourage folks to watch on their own.

For those of you not yet familiar with the series, here is the trailer for what is available now on Netflix:

Before New York Comic-Con, I heard of but had not yet viewed this series. After the announcement, I decided to see what I might be missing. I’m happy to say I turned out to be very pleased. Truthfully, it’s not easy for me to binge-watch (watch several episodes at one sitting) following characters and a world of which I do not have prior knowledge. With THE DRAGON PRINCE, I regretted every time I needed to stop watching – my husband and I ended up having to see these 9 episodes over three sittings. Each time I couldn’t wait to come back and see what would happen next.

I’m particularly struck by the complex characters that, even for myself as a writer, couldn’t easily figure out what would happen next. The end of these 9 episodes neatly come to what feels both like a close and a new beginning all at once, and no episode feels like a filler to make some arbitrary episode commitment.

I’m looking forward to Season 2 and sharing my thoughts sometime next year.

See you again in two weeks, where I’ll talk about what’s in store for me this year at LOSCON and some of the panels you can find me on.

There will also be a “extra helping” edition on November 29th, 2018 as there are five Thursdays in November this year. Kind of appropriate for the week after Thanksgiving in the United States. For that outing, I’ll talk about a series that is a “not miss” one for me, and probably one of the few animated series I currently follow avidly that isn’t on a streaming service. Here’s a hint using something funny and minus the spoilers…




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