ANIMATED INSIGHTS – Remembering Ted Koplar, Founder of VOLTRON


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Earlier this year, Ted Koplar – the founder of World Events Productions and its flagship productions, including VOLTRON, passed away. If he had not grasped on to the vision of re-imagining the animation footage from Japan the way he did, we would not have the cultural icon that remains today.

LET’S VOLTRON devoted a May 2021 show to remembering Ted Koplar, during which they were kind enough to include a very emotional audio remembrance from me.  I’d heard so many stories about people not to trust in the entertainment business, and was just so guarded, it sounds like I missed out on getting to know one of the good ones. I regret that.

Here is the YouTube version of this special LET’S VOLTRON. It has a lot of content from Ted in his own words, and is an amazing history lesson for anyone only more recently familiar with VOLTRON.

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