BETWEEN THE PAGES: FINDING MY VOICE – Flying Solo at Pacific Media Expo… Plus Anime LA

Welcome to the limited series return of BETWEEN THE PAGES, running Mondays and Wednesdays now through mid-December 2020! Dubbed BETWEEN THE PAGES: FINDING MY VOICE, follow Shannon’s journey as she learned and grew to become more of a public speaker, and how she’s still learning today! Today is Installment 16,  “Flying Solo at Pacific Media Expo… Plus Anime LA”.

I don’t remember how I heard about Pacific Media Expo. Thinking that I could make a pitch for the book because it included some info on ADR and animation, I presented a solo workshop idea to the programming board which they accepted.

Doing a workshop meant making my own handouts, and also gearing the information to tailor to the needs of the expo. The talk I structured focused on the challenges of bringing Japanese animation to dub for Western audiences.

I did the best I could, but they were less anime geared than I expected and covered a large breadth of Asian media, including music as well as television and film. I don’t regret doing it, but it didn’t feel like the type of exposure I needed.

My next appearance would put me back into doing panels while sticking with the anime spin… being part of Anime LA in 2008.

Then, I appeared with my friend Craig Miller on a panel featuring Animation Writing and Production along with Craig Miller.  We focused more on Western style animation writing and production, but brought in our international experience when possible. Between these two appearances, I decided to no longer appear on panels that mainly focused on animation that wasn’t of a Western nature.

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