BETWEEN THE PAGES: FINDING MY VOICE – Promoting the Book at Comic-Con International: San Diego

Welcome to the limited series return of BETWEEN THE PAGES, running Mondays and Wednesdays now through mid-December 2020! Dubbed BETWEEN THE PAGES: FINDING MY VOICE, follow Shannon’s journey as she learned and grew to become more of a public speaker, and how she’s still learning today! Today is Installment 14,  “Promoting My Book at Comic-Con International: San Diego”.

After packing the room at Wondercon, I didn’t know what to expect going into Comic-Con International: San Diego. Some of  the people I moderated on the panel were the same as Wondercon, and others were different. This time, my lineup of professionals  included Greg Weisman, Tad Stones, and Stephanie Graziano. We did not fill the room, but at San Diego, this likely was because they smartly gave us a larger room! Again, I moderated questions with an engaged audience full of energy.

Both of the convention experiences were great, but they were familiar ground. Though Wondercon was my first, the folks that ran Wondercon and Comic-Con International: San Diego were the same crew, so I wasn’t stretching my boundaries. I knew that I would need to challenge myself in order to reach new audiences.

That challenge would begin with me going into a whole different format… the podcast.

Find out more in installment 15.

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