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The Immortal Divide

The Chronicles of Fate and Choice Trilogy

Book Three

KS Turner


Genre: Fantasy


Publisher: Ruby Blaze Publishing

Publication date: 29th October 2016

Pages: 576


Paperback: 978-0-9562242-9-3

EBook: 978-0-9562242-7-9


About the Book:


This is when it will change.


For them. For us. For everyone.


Destiny, freewill, intent, magic, science, life, everything.


This is when all those named gods will fight to the end.


This world and all worlds are fated to end. The prophet, Jychanumun, has tried to prevent it. He has spent millennia walking between life and death to find a way. The powerful Shaa-kutu have tried to prevent it. They have fought with wits and weapons and given their all. Despite their best, nothing seems capable of stopping the formidable Arrunn from completing his final fateful move. So, can Tachra change that fate?


Tachra stands between shadow and light. She has no tools or weapons, only the Earth power and true-vision. Perhaps her fellow humans will ascend to greater knowledge and unlock a new discovery. Or, if she can decipher the Book of Fate, perhaps that will hold a key to saving them all. But when that last prophecy comes, will she make the right choice?


After all, that fate has already been written:

“If any survive, it will be known as the three day darkness. If none survive, the darkness will swallow all.”


Interview with the Author:

What initially got you interested in writing?

It all started with a dream. I’m lucky, as I’m always having vivid and unusual dreams and have good dream recall. One patch, I had so many dreams, all with the same magnificent theme and beautiful beings, that I started drawing them. The dreams kept repeating and I found that drawing wasn’t reflecting the beauty or depth in as much detail as I’d like. So, I started writing small descriptions to accompany them. That was the initial launching point. From there, I fell in love with writing as an art medium. And, it was from those dreams and those small pieces of writing that my first book was crafted.


How did you decide to make the move into being a published author?

It all occurred as a natural progression. First, I had a little nudge from a bookish friend to combine my written snippets and craft a longer story. Then, with longer story in hand, I approached some agents. One of those agents worked with me to streamline the novel – that novel became Before The Gods, the first book in The Chronicles of Fate and Choice.


What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?

To feel inspired. Whether that inspiration gives them hope, courage to follow dreams, positivity, or simply realizing the significance of their individual choices. Inspiration is beautiful.


What do you find most rewarding about writing?

I get huge joy from the amazing emails I get from my readers. To be told that someone has re-found their love of reading because of my books, or that my novels are in their favourites list, or that they are just anxious to know when the next book will be. They, the readers, make me happy and are the most rewarding part of writing.


What do you find most challenging about writing?

Balancing time, definitely. Every aspect of writing can be so absorbing that the clock and the hour have little, or no, relevance.


What advice would you give to people who want to enter the field?

First and foremost, know for sure that you love it. Secondly, don’t just think about writing, sit down and write. Thirdly, finish that novel and don’t hold onto it just because you don’t want to let it go. Once you have that first finished novel in your hands, then, and only then, worry about the next stage.

I do have a theory that being an author is like having a calling. If you have it, you know for sure and there are no doubts that is the path you must walk.


What ways can readers connect with you?

Physically, readers can connect by email via my website;

Or, if you want a deep psychological connection, then reading my books will do that – what better way to connect to an author than to read their work  🙂



About the Author:


Originally trained as an illustrator and designer at Saint Martins School of Art and at Middlesex University, KS Turner turned to fiction when she saw the limitless possibilities of connectivity it offered. Before her shift in career, she worked as a fashion designer for major high-street brands, a graphic designer for musicians, and a product designer for corporations, as well as dabbling with designing technology, sustainable energy, and textiles.


A vivid series of dreams were the inspiration for the Chronicles of Fate and Choice books. Kate initially tried illustrating her dreams, but found the medium too limiting for the story she had seen, so began writing. At first she didn’t have any intention of writing novels, but the books soon started to come together.

Her first two novels, Before the Gods, and Tumultus, were featured in many magazines, won book of the month with Spirit and Destiny magazine, fantasy of the year with Bookbag, and the ‘Must Read Now’ awards with SciFiNow magazine.


When Kate isn’t writing, she draws, paints and sculpts as well as studying maths, science, theology and philosophy. She loves to play music, explore, nurture nature and spend time with friends and family. She lives in Somerset.


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