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Welcome to Discover Words… The Blog from Shannon Muir’s Infinite House of Books!

DISCOVER WORDS FROM INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS focuses on reflections of the power of words in all aspects of life, both written and spoken, and their influence. DISCOVER WORDS… THE BLOG is a limited run blog series on these topics. This installment offers reflection on defining how to discover the power of words.


The written word isn’t just letters on a page transporting us into other worlds, or seeing life through other people’s eyes. Journals people write capture a moment in words through their own eyes. Social media tells stories, often in capturing little bits of the moment into longer-running threads. The words in recipe books build instructions to preserve tastes through generations and tell a story using the palate. Scripts guide actors what to speak behind microphones and in front of cameras to build a new audio or visual reality.

These are just samplers of the wide universe of what discovering words can be about. DISCOVER WORDS… THE BLOG will be a series striving to unpack in greater detail the many ways we can discover words in our daily lives.

Follow along and see what you can discover.

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