E-books labeled INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS are stories Shannon Muir has experimented with outside of her usual mystery, suspense, SF, and fantasy genres. Labeling this way lets you know these are departures for her, as she tries out infinite ways of storytelling. These spotlights are highlighting e-books made available for FREE during Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale from July 1-31, 2017, using coupon SW100 in cart checkout.



In this value-priced book comprised some of material from the author archives and mainly new material written for this collection, sample a wide variety of ideas all brought together under the common theme of the ages and stages of life. A woman tries to learn to enjoy Halloween as an adult. Another woman struggles with the idea she might never have children. A man deals with his attraction to the caregiver after the death of his long-ill wife. Someone has an awkward reunion with a childhood friend. These are just some of the themes tackled in AT THE END OF INNOCENCE’S ROAD: AN ANTHOLOGY OF STORIES AND POEMS COVERING THE JOURNEY FROM CHILDHOOD TO OLD AGE, a “value priced collection” of twelve short stories and eleven pieces of poetry. This collection includes “What Goes Around,” a sequel short story to “Birth Pains” which appeared in SEARCH FOR A WOMAN: AN ANTHOLOGY OF STORIES AND POEMS LOOKING AT WOMEN FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE. Many story experiences for one low price!

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