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OWN YOUR OWN TALE focuses on crafting a person’s own unique stories through the art of journal writing. This installment offers reflection on site administrator Shannon Muir as to why people should consider writing in journals.

Since the name INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS covers a wide range of content, it felt natural to me that journal writing could be covered on this site. After all, a traditional journal can be classified as a book, in which people write down information.  Also, as a writer, I greatly value the written word.

Some people might say journal writing isn’t for them because they don’t think they’re “creative” enough. Being “creative” is not just a matter of telling short stories or poetry. How each person chooses to use words is a form of being creative; a person creatively crafts their own unique voice.

Also remember that writing doesn’t always have to be publicly shared. Some people’s abilities better lend themselves for writing things designed to be shared among a wide audience.  Others may better serve niche audience, while for some writing words without an intended audience may be the most effective.

It may prove helpful to some to hear their thoughts reflected on paper, to take a fresh look at ideas they may be considering. For others, there may be details of life experience that are important to capture in the moment, before they are gone forever, in a way that photo, audio, and video cannot. Just as the words are unique to each person, so are the situations.

Consider if journal writing may be for you, and if you think it might be, follow OWN YOUR OWN TALE for tips, ideas, and inspiration and see if it works for you.

Please remember that the contents of OWN YOUR OWN TALE are solely the opinions of administrator Shannon Muir and are intended for general advice and reflection. Each person’s unique writing situation is different.

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