INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS: OWN YOUR OWN TALE #3 – The Power of Your Perspective



Welcome to Own Your Own Tale from Shannon Muir’s Infinite House of Books!


OWN YOUR OWN TALE focuses on crafting a person’s own unique stories through the art of journal writing. This installment offers reflection on the power of personal perspective in journal writing.

Have you felt like there are times you wish you could hear yourself think? That’s one big powerful reason to consider journal writing – it can give you the power of perspective on your own thoughts. By writing something down in the moment, you can put it aside, and then come back and reflect on it later.

I know I’ve had a number of times, both in my fiction writing and just thoughts in life strike me. I’m sure I’ll remember them for later. However, when I finally find the time to think about it, every time I don’t remember things in the same level of vivid detail. The passion, the urgency, also seems to be drained from the thoughts.

At the very least, I’ve made notes in a program on my phone and then tried to expand on them later. That helps a lot. However, if the time to write out thoughts in detail at that moment, it’s definitely recommended. Don’t let those thoughts and reflections completely pass you by. You may miss the power of your own insights.

Please remember that the contents of OWN YOUR OWN TALE are solely the opinions of administrator Shannon Muir and are intended for general advice and reflection. Each person’s unique writing situation is different.

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