Welcome to Own Your Own Tale from Shannon Muir’s Infinite House of Books!


OWN YOUR OWN TALE focuses on crafting a person’s own unique stories through the art of journal writing.

Welcome to the OWN YOUR OWN TALE limited series feature from SHANNON MUIR’S INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS. This addition to the site will be devoted to content about journal writing as a means of self-expression, and all that it encompasses.

Here is a personal introduction from administrator Shannon Muir:

I bring to the table a lot of formal writing training, and a desire to help people. One thing not to expect is for me to embrace any particular format or method. I’m not a counselor, and nothing that I do is intended to be nor replace therapy in these areas. The only criteria is that it will encourage using the written word as a vehicle for self-discovery and self-expression, helping those who may need a little more encouragement to get started on their own.

Because in the end, it’s your story. Own it.