Shannon Muir has experimented with outside of her usual mystery, suspense, SF, and fantasy genres. Labeling this way lets you know these are departures for her, as she tries out infinite ways of storytelling. These spotlights are highlighting e-books made available for FREE during Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale from July 1-31, 2017, using coupon SW100 in cart checkout.


After losing her parents in a cruise accident, Marnie Hawklin has made her life extremely routine and predictable. She’s also ended up distant from her sister Tessa, who quit talking to the family years earlier. Marnie believes she’ll never find anyone to share her life with and tries to go it alone. One holiday season, Marnie finds herself pressured to help serve Christmas Eve dinners at a local community center. How will this one spontaneous act change her holiday… and her life? This novella is part of the SPONTANEOUS CHOICES ADVENTURES COLLECTION presented by INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS.


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