Meet Doonah Cross – Exclusively on Wattpad!

Looking for new, short serial fiction delivered in small bites and readable at your pace? Site administrator Shannon Muir is experimenting with using Wattpad as a platform for short fiction instead of the blog. Here are her thoughts about creating new character, Doonah Cross.

“Doonah Cross is a new experiment for me, not just in terms of storytelling, but the type of character I wrote about. I’ve written younger characters, but they’ve often been young professionals. Doonah is more of an artistic type, and more of a character that lives in an urban arts district versus a small town community. After research, Wattpad seemed the best way to reach a large mobile readership that might find interest in these serialized stories.”

A regular schedule for the installments has not yet been established, but you can get a look at Wattpad and see what’s there now.

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