MYSTERY OF CHARACTER – Are Romantic Relationships Necessary?

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This week features Shannon’s thoughts on how important it is (or not) for characters to have a romantic life.

One aspect of character building is interpersonal relationships, which has come up in some past columns. Of specific note, how characters relate in their most intimate relationships can sometimes be a focus. A character can either be in a relationship exclusively, or in pursuit of a relationship, or even not really be dedicated to any one person.

However, is this a necessary aspect of character to make them well-rounded?

My thought is not necessarily. It could be a characteristic of a character that he or she puts love of career above being a deep love of someone else. Perhaps it is crucial to character development that he or she suffered trauma that does not allow for the loving of others in any way because too much hurt is involved.

Ultimately, it’s about the needs of the story.

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