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This week features Shannon’s thoughts on what makes a character worth caring about.

In a recent piece, I talked about what makes a character attractive to a reader. The ultimate thing I emphasized is that a character should be worth caring about. This would be true whether a hero, anti-hero, or antagonist.

After I posted that, I realized that the idea of “worth caring about” might need a little fleshing out, and perhaps might be a bit over-simplified. It would certainly be plausible to find a character to be interesting, and yet not care about how the character progresses. I even realize I’ve read a few stories like this, where the character’s own story and background are interesting, but when the writer actually tries to use this character in a plot it feels forced and stilted – therefore,  while I find the character to be one I might care about, I don’t necessarily care about the character in the story’s context.

The bottom line, then, is not to just create characters your readers will find interesting but to place them in a plot that brings out the nature of those characters to the fullest.


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