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Today, find out more about WHAT HAPPENS IN SUMMER.


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 WHAT HAPPENS IN SUMMER by Caridad Pineiro, Contemporary Romance, 320 pp., $7.99 (paperback) $4.99 (kindle)


Author: Caridad Pineiro
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages: 320
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Interview with the Author

What initially got you interested in writing?  I was always an avid reader, but in the 5th Grade my English teacher assigned the class a project:  to write a book for a class lending library.  I went home and started writing and realized how much I loved it (and never stopped writing!)

How did you decide to make the move into being a published author?  After my daughter was born I hit a glass ceiling at work.  I was very unhappy and needed to find an outlet for what I was feeling.  It had been a long time since I had thought about having a book published (although I tried to write regularly). I ended up taking an adult education writing class with Fern Michaels and jump started my writing career.

What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?  I want readers to feel like my characters are real people that they could be friends with.  People who they truly care about and would like to maybe even meet if they were real life people.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?  The most rewarding aspect of writing is getting to meet so many cool people.  The bloggers, readers, and writers have all been so amazing and make it all worthwhile!

What do you find most challenging about writing?  The most challenging thing for me is balancing the writing with my day job and family.  I still work full time so I have to really plan when I’m going to write and not let that interfere with family fun and obligations.

What advice would you give to people want to enter the field?  I would say “Read, read, read.”  It’s important to understand what the readers expect in a story and also, how to structure the story.  For that reason, the second thing I would say is to take the time to learn about the craft of writing so you can create the best story that you can.

What ways can readers connect with you?  You can connect with me at my website at You can also find me on:


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The sizzling heat doesn’t always stay in summer. . .

Connie Reyes and Jonathan Pierce only discovered how different they
were after a magical summer on the Jersey Shore. She was ambitious and
practical; he was artistic and rebellious. Their parting was
heartrending, and the intervening years have only made a reunion less
and less possible.
Now, Jonathan is back in Sea Kiss, having made a fortune in tech. He
has everything money can buy, but his bed is empty and his heart is
hollow. He’s never stopped thinking about Connie, and he’ll do anything
to show her the man he’s become. . .



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Sea Kiss, New
Playing it
safe was far worse than taking a risk on what you wanted.
Pierce knew just what he wanted.
He grabbed
hold of the gnarly branch of the decades-old wisteria vine that climbed the
side of the Sinclair mansion and boosted himself up. He’d made the journey so
many times this past summer, he could do it blindfolded.
scrambled up the vine, finding the familiar foot and handholds until he vaulted
up and over the second floor railing, and landed silently as a cat burglar on
the balcony. It ran the length of the immense oceanfront mansion, with elegant
french doors offering views of the sea.
The first darkened
doorway was Maggie Sinclair’s room. He rushed past it quietly; Maggie belonged
to his older brother, Owen. Not that Owen had acted on it yet, but Jonathan had
known for years that the two were meant to be together, family feud be damned.
The next doorway
was usually Maggie’s dad’s, but the old man had stopped coming down to the
Shore as often as he once had, so it was a good bet that room was unoccupied.
the third room, he saw the curtains wafting in the summer breeze and the dim
light from behind the partially closed french doors. He smiled and his heart
raced with pleasure.
Connie was
waiting for him. Ever-responsible, ever-loyal Connie had broken her own rules
to fall in love with him. Or at least he thought it was love. It definitely was
on his part. With barely a week left before the girls all went back to school,
he intended to let her know just how he felt.
He slipped
carefully through the open doors and shut them behind him. He’d gone no more
than a step when she launched herself at him, laughing and kissing him as she
said, “What took you so long?”
“I missed
you, too,” he said, knowing it was more about the separation to come in a week
and not about the long hours since last night.
He bent
his head and kissed her, his touch tender and caring, and she answered in kind,
her lips soft and coaxing.
Maggie had been bringing her friends to the Jersey Shore every summer since
they’d met freshman year in college, he’d never really paid much attention to
Connie at first. He’d had his share of girls from his high school class fawning
over him.
But when
Maggie and her friends had come back the next year, he had finally, gratefully,
noticed what a real woman should be. Like Connie: all luscious curves; also
proud, smart, and independent,
impatient as he might be to make love to her tonight, he wanted her to know how
much this meant to him. How this wasn’t only a summer romance for him.
He leaned
over her, his gaze locked on her face. He wanted to say the words—Lord, how he
wanted to—but they stuck in his throat and so he let every kiss and touch tell
her what he couldn’t voice.



Caridad Pineiro is a transplanted Long Island girl who has fallen in
love with the Jersey Shore. When Caridad isn’t taking long strolls along
the boardwalk, she’s also a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author
with over a million romance novels sold worldwide. Caridad is passionate
about writing and helping others explore and develop their skills as
writers. She is a founding member of the Liberty States Fiction Writers
and has presented workshops at the RT Book Club Convention, Romance
Writers of America National Conference as well as various writing
organizations throughout the country. You can connect with Caridad at You can also find Caridad on:

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