SPONTANEOUS CHOICES SHORTS – “A New Chapter of Love” (Part 6)


  SPONTANEOUS CHOICES SHORTS features short serialized fiction by author Shannon Muir, that may be later released as part of e-book or print collections. For all of January and part of February, Thursdays will feature this special serialized story, “A New Chapter of Love”. This is Part Six. The next night, Caitlin asked Saundra and Vallenda what they’d discovered.   Bubbly Vallenda chimed in first.  

“Everyone at the bar just loves Delmont Nutino! He’s so friendly and makes everyone feel at ease. Really takes in the tips.”  

Saundra wondered if it all might be an act, if he pretended to act interested as the bartender to hustle more money for his enterprise. Though, to her, it seemed equally likely Delmont was compassionate towards everyone.  

“Hmm. Saundra, what did you learn?”  

“He works with a nonprofit, I certified that,” Saundra told her without revealing what else she knew. “To actually become a volunteer, I need to speak to the director. She’s not available to meet for a week; though. So I may not see get further in for a while. Are you willing to wait?”  

Saundra secretly hoped Caitlin would say no, and move on to some other fascination. She noted that Caitlin seemed to hesitate.  

“You said that as much as you wanted to consider love again, you also didn’t want to rush into anything,” Vallenda reminded Caitlin. “I say, give Saundra some time. If this Delmont is worth it, then he’s worth the wait.”  

Saundra tried to maintain a poker face. The last thing she wanted was to further encourage Caitlin. To her surprise, Delmont could be a good fit in Saundra’s life, and Caitlin might ruin that.  

“You’re right,” Caitlin sighed. “I need to put my daughter first. He may have a compassionate heart, but he might not like children. Saundra, see what you can find out, even if it takes you a while.”  

While Saundra looked forward to the chance to learn more about Delmont, she definitely didn’t like all the pressure it came with. She didn’t know how she’d handle things if it turned out she wanted Delmont for herself.

Right now, she just looked forward to solving the mystery.

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