SPONTANEOUS CHOICES SHORTS – “A New Chapter of Love” (Part 7 – FINAL)


  SPONTANEOUS CHOICES SHORTS features short serialized fiction by author Shannon Muir, that may be later released as part of e-book or print collections. For all of January and part of February, Thursdays will feature this special serialized story, “A New Chapter of Love”. This is Part Seven (the final part).

The more Saundra thought it over, though, the less comfortable she felt hiding anything from Caitlin and risking their friendship. Caitlin – Vallenda too, but primarily Caitlin – stepped up and sought her out without judging her choices. Without Caitlin’s support, Saundra and her two children would not have the start at a new life they’d been granted. Dishonesty wasn’t the appropriate form of reward.


“Look, Caitlin. It’s more complicated than that. I have to be honest. I did go to the charity, and I met Delmont.”


“You did,” Caitlin responded in a tone that indicated she somehow wasn’t surprised.


“Yes. And I researched him too. Honestly, he’s more like me than I ever imagined.”


“Which means?”  


Saundra struggled to say the words, not because of embarrassment about herself but concern for Caitlin’s feelings.  

“Because he sounds like he might be someone for me.”  

Saundra watched as Caitlin slowly smiled.  

“Good. That’s what I hoped to hear. Vallenda and I knew you might not be fully honest with yourself in terms of what you wanted out of life, so we helped you consider some options.”  

“You mean you set me up.”  

Caitlin winked at her.  

“I suppose you could call it that.”  

The tension and apprehension left Saundra, instead replaced with excitement and nervousness.  

“Not sure I’m ready for this.”  

“I have faith in you,” Caitlin told Saundra.  

“Then you probably have more faith in me than I do. I guess it’ll be a whole new chapter of love for me,” Saundra told her.  

Both women burst out laughing together in the amused chorus of friendship.

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