“Hidden History” out now in EXPLORER PULP!


Shannon Muir’s latest short story of crime and suspense, “Hidden History,” is available now in EXPLORER PULP from Pro Se Productions. Find out what happens to a professor when her own secret past catches up with her and takes her to settle some unfinished business in Egypt.

Here is the anthology’s description from the publisher:

The world, even today, has its secrets. Lost cities, hidden artifacts, arcane and occult corners of the globe. And every forgotten civilization, every mysterious weapon or jewel, every legend cries out to be discovered, speaking to a very special sort of person, that character that has been the center of stories since the dawn of time. And now, four authors bring their talents to new tales of the hale and the hardy, the daring and the brave. Join Jason Fedora, Shannon Muir, Davide Mana, and Wayne Carey as they climb to the tips of pyramids and dive to the depths of caverns in EXPLORER PULP! From Pro Se Productions.

Available now for Kindle, Smashwords, and in print.