INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS turns 5 years old in April of 2017. Due to a massive failure with the blog’s previous provider, all blogs prior to February 2015 were lost. However, the administrator has the original assets on file and a calendar of  featured content. As a lead-up to the anniversary, features will be released on the fifth of each month that chronicle a period in the blog’s past and some of the highlights still worth noting today. This post is the second in the series. Enjoy!

By the time July of 2012 came around, site administrator Shannon Muir began to build rapport with various book tour publicists. New content, for the most part, would show up at least once a week by late July, more often twice a week at minimum.

Here are samples of some of the books showcased between July and December of 2012 as INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS found its footing.

July: FIRST FROST by Liz DeJesus

This book is the first of a multiple-book series, and INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS helped promote the release. It was well-received enough that INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS eagerly signed up when a promotion offer came up for the sequel, GLASS FROST.


You can get this book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

August: AMATEUR ANGEL by Karri Thompson

This book was the first of a set of two, of which INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS promoted both.


You can still get this book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

September: SLUGFEST by Rosemary Harris


Below is a re-publication of the interview Rosemary Harris did with INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS in September of 2012.

+ What initially got you interested in writing?

I’ve always been a big reader. one day I read a tiny article in the NY Times about a mummified body found not far from where I live. I did a little research and discovered a few things that I thought would make good clues in a mystery – so I wrote one. That book became Pushing Up Daisies.

+ How did you decide to make the move into becoming a published author?

Once I got past page 35 in the manuscript I knew I was going to finish it. Whether or not it would ever get published was another story, but at that time I just wanted to write  The End, so I didn’t worry about it.

+ What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?

I want them to have a good time and spend a few hours with some likeable, funny characters who have interesting adventures.

+ What do you find most rewarding about writing?

I like weaving the strands of a few different stories and then tying things up at the end.

+ What do you find most challenging about writing?

Definitely the middle!

+ What advice would you give to people wanting to enter the field?

Be patient. Don’t expect your first draft to be good – it’s all in the rewriting. And don’t follow trends.

+ Is there anything else besides writing you think people would find interesting about you?

Let’s see.. I’m a master gardener, I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro and trekked to Everest Base Camp, and my five favorite places are Yosemite, Utah, New York City, Rome and my garden.

+ What are the best ways to connect with you, or find out more about your work?

My website is and I’m on facebook more than I should be at

The book is available in ebook format on Kindle.

October: PHOENIX by A.J. Scudiere 

Promoting PHOENIX encouraged administrator Shannon Muir to later meet author A.J. Scudiere in person at Comic-Con International: San Diego and interview her as part of Shannon Muir’s special “Professional to Professional” coverage as a guest blogger for AmoXcalli. Read the interview.


The book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

November: REFLECTION by Jessica Roberts

REFLECTION is the first book in a duology, and INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS played a role in promoting the first installment.


This book can be found at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

December: FADED by Chloe Miles

This was one of the highlights of books featured in December.   It is the first book of what ultimately was released as a trilogy.



It is still available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Join us again next month on the 5th to find out the highlights of January to June 2013 as the countdown continues to INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS and its 5th anniversary in April 2017!

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