Tuesdays, ANIMATED INSIGHTS BY SHANNON MUIR takes you inside Shannon’s latest reflections on writing, animation, and life in general.  To catch up on all posts, check out the Animated Insights portion of the website! This installment shares her thoughts on more and more animated series debuting that hark back to familiar properties.

The last couple Tuesdays focused on VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER, a reboot of a classic animated series from 1984. This past weekend, the hype all centered around the one-hour special debut of another series revival – DISNEY’S DUCKTALES. With a catchy theme anyone could remember, and a distinct cast of characters (some of whom were nostalgic already when the first version of the show debuted!), the humorous action-adventure of Uncle Scrooge McDuck, his nephews, and his cast of companions appear to have captured the imagination as much in this incaration as they did the first time around.

I’ve not seen anything really negative about DISNEY’S DUCKTALES,  with everyone waiting with baited breath that the episodes that start a month from now will be as good as the special. At first I thought it odd they waited a month, but after the fact there appears to be little to worry about. I’m more confident than ever the Walt Disney company can maintain interest for that short span of time, because the quality of the special presentation was so high.

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