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Welcome to Discover Words… The Blog from Shannon Muir’s Infinite House of Books!

DISCOVER WORDS FROM INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS focuses on reflections of the power of words in all aspects of life, both written and spoken, and their influence. DISCOVER WORDS… THE BLOG is a limited run blog series on these topics. This installment offers reflection on how a story’s length doesn’t affect it’s quality.

Just because a lot of words are used to convey a tale, doesn’t make it better than something short. Sometimes, strong emotions and concepts can be conveyed with a few succinct words and phrases, that evoke more than a much longer passage. That’s the power of vocabulary.

However, some words may be more commonly known than others and allow to easier reach a wider range of audience. In these instances, it may make sense to use a larger amount of better understood words, versus a single succinct word that conveys the same.  It depends on the audience and the situation.

So don’t judge a piece of writing by it’s word length, but its content.

Please remember that the contents of DISCOVER WORDS are solely the opinions of administrator Shannon Muir and are intended for general advice and reflection. Each person’s unique writing situation is different.