BETWEEN THE PAGES: FINDING MY VOICE – From Moderator to Panelist

Welcome to the limited series return of BETWEEN THE PAGES, running Mondays and Wednesdays now through mid-December 2020! Dubbed BETWEEN THE PAGES: FINDING MY VOICE, follow Shannon’s journey as she learned and grew to become more of a public speaker, and how she’s still learning today! Today is Installment 8,  “From Moderator to Panelist”.

As I mentioned in Installment 7, THE GATHERING OF THE GARGOYLES was the first time I was a panelist versus the moderator. My return to Comic-Con International: San Diego would also find me in the panelist role, and on several panels at that. I would quickly find that being a panelist in a hotel with a handful of mutually interested fans to be very different than a room in the (pre-expansion) San Diego Convention Center.

These are the caliber of panels I found myself on during Comic-Con International: San Diego 2001:

  • “Animation Roundtable” with Jerry Beck, Craig Miller, and Russell Calabrese on Thursday, July 19th at 4PM.
  • “Classic Animation vs. Modern Animation,” with Jerry Beck, Craig Miller, Michael Mallory, Bill Morrison, and Ric Meyers on Friday, July 20th at 4PM.

Needless to say, I felt very junior on these panels, and I don’t remember talking much. However, it was very educational for me and gave me a lot more respect for talking in large crows.

Next time, check in and found out how going to grad school for my MA in Communications pushed me to a new level of public speaking.


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