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This week features Shannon’s thoughts on loose threads in character development.

Does it ever bother you when there are interesting ways a character behaves, but that are never explained? Sometimes it does for me, usually when characters just happen to have a skill set that advances the story that isn’t explained. However, when it comes to character quirks that don’t seem to exist for any reason to support the story, my view is mixed.

Characters that have unique and memorable traits aren’t bad in and of themselves. These mannerisms may be an author’s way of making sure characters aren’t easily confused and seem too much alike. However, when the character or characters behave in such a manner that suggests the question of wanting to find out why they are that way, and yet it is never answered – those are the times I become frustrated as a viewer or reader. At that point, I do find myself wanting an explanation because it distracts from the story at hand and makes a character memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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