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Today, find out more about NAVY SEAL’S MATCH.

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NAVY SEAL’S MATCH by Amber Leigh Williams, Contemporary Romance, 384 pp., $6.99 (paperback) $4.49 (kindle)


Author: Amber Williams
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 384
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Former SEAL Gavin Savitt always knew who he was—until his last
deployment ended tragically. Now he’s home, his mind hijacked by trauma
and the shadow of his once-perfect sight. Yet in this new hazy, unclear
world, one person stands out—Mavis Bracken.There are a million reasons why Gavin shouldn’t be with Mavis,
including that she’s his best friend’s little sister. Yet he longs for
her touch, her freckles and her special way with wild, skittish beasts
like him. He just needs the courage to take his life back. And Mavis
won’t let him give up without a fight.


“I know it’d be better for you if I
“You let me be the judge of that,”
she advised.
“The moment you’re burdened by me,”
he said, slowly, “I’m out of here.”
She didn’t agree. No. Instead, she
raised herself onto her toes.
Gavin’s eyes closed and his breath
hitched as her kiss washed breathily over his lips and blew him away. Answers
cropped up inside him, bright like candles. His hand moved to the back of her
head, no more able to snuff them out than he was to convince her to walk away.




What initially got you interested in writing?

Years ago, I found this vivid pocket of stories in my mind. The most natural way of telling them was with pencil and paper. As the stories got wordier, I started using a computer to help keep all the details together. I feel like the longing to be a good storyteller came first and the process of writing came second though now I could never have one without the other.


How did you decide to make the move into being a published author?

There was always the desire for my work to be seen, even as a child, so that was always the goal. While pursuing other disciplines in college, I realized that I would never be passionate about anything else in a professional capacity so I started to take the business of getting published very seriously.


What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?

I love to make the reader feel. That’s what I love most about fiction as a reader. Whenever I receive messages from readers saying they felt what the hero or heroine were feeling—the good and the bad of it—that’s exciting because I know I’ve done my job well and there’s no better feeling than that.


What do you find most rewarding about writing?

I love when the concept of a story clicks into place and all the little plot points and details line up. There’s been a few times this has happened almost by fate; it’s like the story knew all along what shape it needed to take. I just had to turn the bedrock over and over again to find the right gems. The process of writing is very special, from beginning to end, but the best part for me happens during those “ah ha” moments of conception.



What do you find most challenging about writing?

Writing the story? From blank page to completion, there’s an incredible amount of highs and lows. You’d think it would get easier with each book, but the one constant thing about writing I’ve found is that it will always be a challenge. And that’s part of what I love about it—making sure that the concept and all those “ah ha” moments fit seamlessly with all the layers of the story.


What advice would you give to people who want to enter the field?

It never hurts to try. I’ve heard people say they wish they could sit down and write and I always say, “Why not?” I don’t know what I would have done if I had never found an outlet for the stories in my mind. It’s such a personal process, too. You can learn a lot about yourself with a pen in your hand.


What ways can readers connect with you?

My website is updated regularly with news and information about my books. You can find it at You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram weekly. Readers can contact me personally with questions or comments anytime at

Amber Leigh
Williams is a romance writer who lives on the US Gulf Coast. She lives for
beach days, the smell of real books and spending time with her husband and
their two young children. When she’s not keeping up with rambunctious little
ones (and two large dogs), she can usually be found reading a good book or
indulging her inner foodie. Amber is represented by the D4EO Literary Agency.
Amber’s latest
book is the contemporary romance, Navy
SEAL’S Match






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