SPONTANEOUS CHOICES SHORTS – “A Second LaChance” (Part 7 of 16)


SPONTANEOUS CHOICES SHORTS features short serialized fiction by author Shannon Muir, that may be later released as part of e-book or print collections. In 2019, these serials will appear every second and fourth Thursday (and fifth Thursdays as they occur). This week continues a new serialized story, “A Second La Chance,” about a young woman who originally hoped to have the children of a wealthy spoiled man to get paid off to leave him, but ends up with more than she ever bargained for when deciding to take a chance to start a new life for herself. This is part 7 of 16. The last time someone told me to come away with them, I landed myself in a whole ton of trouble. No way did I intend to do this twice. “Thank you for your help, but I’ll be going now.” I started to walk away from this guy, who’d been nice enough but now started to sound a tad unhinged. My parents living some secret life didn’t make any sense. My mother being involved with her father’s boss and being a product of it added up even less; she was a nice enough woman, but neither did did she seem the men seducing type or one that men would want. In fact, it always had been the joke that somehow my own lack of beauty made it seem I didn’t get her genetics from either parent. Then I started to slow up. Would this man be willing to show me a picture of the man he claimed my parents worked for? Did I genetically resemble that man in any way? I started turning and running back towards my rescuer.

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